Keeps going

I have been waiting for so long To have you in my arms To never let me you down And be with you from dusk till dawn I never have felt like this before Because you are knob to my door Even though it may sound cliche But I adore you till this day I … More Keeps going


You need to face what lies Because there is nothing much you can try Things become messed up at a certain point And you have to face the harsh realities of life Life is like a roller coaster ride Where you have to go up and down in a ride Sometime you may feel there … More Soldier


Expectations often lead to disappointment Why is nobody understanding What the he’ll I’m going through When you were there with me I thought I would share everything with you When you were there holding me Everything seemed to be so different But it was just a mirage That lured me into this trap To only … More Sword


Where were you ? When I needed you the most Now I am Standing alone in this world I am broken from inside But I tell myself I’m alright Though this is not the truth But I make this believe to you That I’m fine fine fine Where were you when I was shedding my … More Fine

On this ground

Are you happy tonight? As I’m not around you Are you feeling alright? As I’m not talking to you You are living your happy life However you have stabbed me with edge of your knife I still can’t figure out the reason why you left me alone My life is now like a cyclone I … More On this ground


Everyday my heart shatters in a new way But now it happens on day to day It has become a part of mundane And I have learned to remain in the same state Nothing seems to change my mind As the time passes by So tell me from where should I gather the courage? As … More Hopeless


Grateful thankful and blessed for so much To have a loving family and friends who love me so much Even though we all have some imperfections Yet we should never forget to appreciate what we have at this moment These loving moments of joy bring us closer No matter where we are The care we … More Grateful

Grain of salt

People are better off When I’m not around Because I am mediocre in the crowd My absence among them has no effect Just like the choices that I make are not correct I know it’s my foolishness that I believe it’ll last long While it is only meant to be as short as a dong … More Grain of salt


Be open to what this time has to offer As you might find your answer To the question that always linger in your head To paths that you could not reflect And the opportunities you could not grasp As you were always stuck in the past But now the tables are turning Make the most … More Learning


I’m goddess of a kind Whom you just can’t find I have something alluring And in order to find it out you have to be daring The space we have is only for this time Because you know there ain’t backing away from this lime I have a lot of patience And you can try … More Observe